Time Display
Touch Screen
Digital Touch screen Technology
Friendly operation
Intercom Communication
Dual intercom with your family member
Differed ring identification with call ring
Video/Picture memory
Full color images
Max. 100 images record
Home away function with auto recording
Built-in QSW Quad Video Splitter
4 channels video display;
Surveillance max.4 cameras simultaneously;
CCTV Surveillance
Simple Connection
Max.2 CCTV Camera
Call Record Management
View missed calls
and related picture/video memory

System Introduction

Widely used in houses, villas, small offices, consist of 4 different wires as P+(Power); P-(Ground); AU(Audio); VD(Video), a shielded 4x0.3mm2 cable can satisfy 30meters distance transmission.


System Features

Built-in memory & photo frame;
Multi- door stations or Cameras;
Tones distinguish for callings;
Picture memory sharing;
Selective intercom;
Multi- languages supported;



VT24 typical wiring with external picture memory.

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VT27 typical wiring example with video quad splitter.

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  • Zinc alloy housing with compact design;
  • Outstanding audio performance;
  • Wide angle color CCD Camera with high resolution;
  • High white led light for night view;
  • Rainy cover or full flush mounting;
  • IP55 protection rate.
VT595 Product Information
VT595 User Manual
  • Pinhole-lens camera;
  • Zinc alloy housing;
  • Camera's angle is adjustable;
  • Name plate display with white led background;
  • Surface wall mounting by a rain cover;
  • IP 45 waterproof protection;
  • VT592 with two call buttons for two families;
VT591&VT592 Product Information
VT591&VT592 User Manual
  • 7 inch Color TFT screen with touch operation;
  • Sensitive touch sensor buttons;
  • Color icons menu with graceful background;
  • Built-in Picture/Video memory;
  • Built-in quad splitter(Optional);
  • Multi-languages for selection(Max.16 languages);
VT47M Product Information
VT47M User Manual
  • 7 inch Color TFT screen;
  • Sensitive touch sensor buttons;
  • Colorful icons user interface;
  • Built-in Picture/Video memory;
  • Built-in SMPS power supply;
  • Multi-languages for selection(Max.16 languages);
VT97M Product Information
VT97M User Manual
  • Touch screen operation;
  • Touch sensor button on the panel;
  • Color icons menu with graceful background;
  • Picture memory and SD card recording;
  • Picture memory sharing for saving costs;
  • Album display (digital photo frame);
VT27 Product Information
VT27 User Manual
  • SMPS Din-rail Power supply
  • Input:90-245V 50/60HZ;
  • Output:24V 4.5A;
  • 159(H)*153(W)*38(D)mm;
PS5-24V Product Information
  • Rain cover for VT595;
  • Surface mounting;
  • 30 degree angle accessory for VT595;
  • Surface mounting;
  • Multi Door Stations/ CCTV cameras Switcher;
  • 86*86mm standard box installing;
  • 86(H)*86(W)*45(D);
VT-MDS Product Information
VT-MDS User Manual
  • Signals amplifier;
  • Long distance repeater;
  • 86(H)*86(W)*45(D);
VT-BDU Product Information
VT-BDU User Manual