CCTV Surveillance
Simple Connection
Max.4 CCTV Camera
Full Screen Calendar
Time Display
Touch Screen
Digital Touch screen Technology
Friendly operation
Intercom Communication
Dual intercom with your family member
Differed ring identification with call ring
Picture memory
Full color images
Max. 128images record
Home away function with auto recording
SD card Recording
10 S-30 S short movie recording
Photo frame function
Embed 128M flash by default
Max. 2G Capacity
Remote Control
Freely control for unlock
Image view on the TV
Max.30meters wireless control
Max.5 remote controllers in one family
VT-RLC unit
Stair lights Control, auto-time setting
Second Lock control
Proximity Access Control
Simple Adding/Delete Cards
EM cards/tags available with 125Khz

What’s it advantage?

Reduce the costs and process for projects, increases the anti-interference capacity.




Main features

Standard RJ45 connector for easy installs and maintains, TCP/IP based networking, Centralized power supply.




CAT5 Cable with RJ45 plug.

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  • Aluminum alloy panel design with keypad;
  • Proximity access control;
  • Powerful password access control;
  • Camera's angle is adjustable;
  • 3.5 inch color TFT display;
IP-MR18 Product Information
IP-MR18/ID User Manual
  • 7 inch Digital color TFT screen;
  • Slim design with touch sensor button;
  • Three color styles of housing for choice;
  • Touch screen operation;
  • Picture memory is optional;
C5-AT27 Product Information
C5-AT27/TD7 User Manual
C5-AT27SD/TD7 User Manual
  • 3.5''TFT LCD Digital Screen;
  • Compact and super slim design;
  • Colorful frame for choosing;
C5-AT16 Product Information
C5-AT16/D3 User Manual
  • 7''TFT LCD Screen;
  • Simple and compact design;
  • OSD Graphics Display;
  • Learn More
  • C5 system distributor;
  • 2 audio and 2 video channels
  • 4 separate outputs for monitors;
  • RJ45 standard connection.
C5-F422 Product Information
  • C5 system distributor;
  • 4 audio and 1 video channels
  • 4 separate outputs for monitors;
  • RJ45 standard connection.
C5-F414 Product Information
  • C5 system distributor;
  • 1 audio and 1 video channels
  • 4  separate outputs for monitors;
  • RJ45 standard connection.
C5-F4 Product Information
  • SMPS Din-rail Power supply
  • Input:100-240V 50/60HZ;
  • Output:24V 4.5A;
PS5-24V Product Information
  • Switchboard as guard unit;
  • 10 inch digital TFT touch screen;
  • Draw bench aluminum frame;
  • Polychromatic light indicator;
  • Handset or handfree answer;
  • RJ45 standard connector;
IP-G21 Product Information
IP-G21 User Manual
  • IP network converter for C5 system;
  • Built-in watchdog circuit in case of crash;
  • RJ45 standard connection port.
C5-IPC Product Information
  • Multi door station switcher for C5 system;
  • 4 door station connect to 1 C5-MDS;
  • RJ45 standard connection port.
C5-MDS Product Information
  • Extenal card reader interface;
  • 2 doors control ports;
  • Lock type and lock release delay time setting;
  • RJ45 standard connection port.
GP-ACS Product Information
  • Integrated memory controller;
  • Up to 800 pictures can be saved;
  • RJ45 standard connection port.
C5-IMC Product Information
  • Software kit
  • System manager and guard unit on PC;